The Washington Times - October 12, 2012, 11:08AM

 It’s one of the best sack celebrations in the NFL, but Barry Cofield wasn’t able to show off his taser dance with the Washington Redskins until Sunday. He had three sacks last year but wasn’t feeling the celebration.

When he brought down Matt Ryan, though, it came out at FedEx Field to widespread acclaim.


“I’d give it a 10 based on the crowd reaction,” Cofield said, grading himself. “Based on the fan reaction I’ve heard I’ve got to give it a 10 because they seemed like they were excited.”

The big nose tackle got the idea from an infamous YouTube clip of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer getting subdued at a John Kerry rally in 2007 and pleading to police, “Don’t tase me, bro.”

“Obviously that was a little bit more serious, but thats my fun, humorous take on that whole situation,” Cofield said.

The taser celebration was popular beyond just FedEx Field. Wide receiver Leonard Hankerson’s son was doing it all night Sunday, something Cofield was able to see on video tape.

But it could take some time for tasering to surpass Griffining – based on Robert Griffin III’s touchdown celebration from a sitting position in Week 1.

“I got a long way to go,” Cofield said. “Maybe 10, 20 sacks here tasering can catch up with Griffining.”

Still, Sunday was something of a milestone day.

“Fans have been talking about it since I got here,” Cofield said. “Great for the fans, they were excited about it and my sideline, my teammates, were very excited about it. So I was happy to be able to do it.”

For a look at Cofield’s taser dance (this from his time with the New York Giants) check out video: