The Washington Times - October 12, 2012, 08:42AM

If concussed quarterback Robert Griffin III is cleared to play against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan would not change his playcalling to protect him.

“If I went into a game thinking I had to call a different game because if he got hit he’s going to be hurt, then he shouldn’t be playing,” Shanahan said. “If he’s cleared, he’s cleared – he’s OK. That’s my assumption.


“I think Robert is a pretty smart guy, and I don’t think he would do something stupid like that and act like he’s…OK just to get back out there. I feel very confident that if Robert is playing on Sunday, he’s good to go and 100 percent healthy and call a normal game.”

Something would have to change for Griffin not to play on Sunday.

Griffin, who also suffered a concussion at Baylor last season, was limited in practice on Wednesday and Thursday, but on Thursday he took almost all of the practice repetitions he normally would take.

He continues to undergo concussion tests after each practice. As long as he doesn’t experience a setback, he will play.

“He’s been great at practice this week,” Shanahan said after Thursday’s session. “It sounds like he’s going to be alright. Once I wait for that and get that cleared, you go into the game assuming that he’s healthy and you see how it plays out. You never want him to have to run the ball too much, see what the defense does. You have to make sure that, when he isn’t running – especially on those pass plays where nothing there - he protects himself.”