The Washington Times - October 14, 2012, 07:57PM

Robert Griffin III is fast, in case you didn’t know. His 76-yard touchdown run on third-and-6 late in the fourth quarter helped seal the Redskins’ 38-26 victory over Minnesota Sunday. It’s also his signature play six games into his pro career.

You can watch the play here. Below is Griffin’s description of the play:


“We kind of felt like they were going to pressure us in that situation. [Offensive coordinator] Kyle [Shanahan] called a good play.

“I saw the double A-gap blitz. I was thinking I’m either going to throw hot, or if they miss this blitz and don’t hit it the right way, then I’m going to run for the first. I saw that they missed it, took off running and got to the sideline; thought about running out of bounds because everyone has been telling me that lately. You know in certain situations, and I felt like I had the guy outflanked. I just took off running. The rest is history.

“I got to enjoy the moment a little bit. It was pretty fun to hear the crowd and see my teammates on the sideline celebrating as I ran for the touchdown.

“A couple of guys, [quarterback] Rex [Grossman] in particular, said, ‘Hey, you can stop smiling by Wednesday,’ because I was all smiles. It was a special feeling. I’ll definitely watch that. I got to prove to those guys that I still have that track speed that they’ve been talking about or saying that I don’t have. So I was able to break a long one. It always feels good when you can do that, any time. It’s something special that I can do personally. It was fun to be able to show everybody that and to help us win the game doing it.

“It was all a blur. Coach Sean [McVay], the tight ends coach, said he felt me run by him because of the gust of him. I guess I was that fast. (Laughs). Nah, but I could see guys telling me I got the first [down], so they were saying, ‘Stay in bounds. Slide.’ I was kind of running like, ‘I think I can get a little more.’ And then it all went from, ‘Stop! Stay in bounds,’ to, ‘Go! Go for the touchdown!’ It was interesting to see the different reactions. Larry Hess, our head trainer, was running down the sidelines. He said he was running the same 40 I was running. A lot of guys had some made-up thoughts in their heads. But it was cool.”