The Washington Times - October 22, 2012, 03:40PM

Pierre Garcon still has no clear timetable to return, as Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan claimed Monday that nothing was different with the injured wide receiver.

USA Today reported over the weekend that Garcon’s right foot injury is worse that the Redskins are letting on, saying that he has a torn tendon in the foot in addition to the inflamed capsule under his second toe that Shanahan has talked about.


“I just keep on saying that we’re going to evaluate him. It wasn’t good enough to play, so if it’s not good enough to play, that means there’s a lot of pain in there,” Shanahan said. “I won’t know anything till Wednesday because we’re not pushing him right now. He’s not running any routes, he’s not working out, he’s getting treatment.”

Shanahan said last week that Garcon’s injury was something of a “mystery.” Asked Monday if there was a torn tendon, the Redskins’ coach responded: “It’s the same thing. Same thing. Same thing as it has been.”

Regardless of the exact details of the injury, it looks like Garcon could be out for the foreseeable future. According to USA Today, he could be out the next two games and not return until after the Redskins’ bye week.

That does not seem too far off, given the caution with which the Redskins are proceeding with Garcon.

“We’re hoping that by him staying off of it for a week that it’s much improved,” Shanahan said. “I can’t tell you anything for sure.”