The Washington Times - October 25, 2012, 11:24AM

Pierre Garcon has missed four of the Washington Redskins’ seven games with a right foot injury. He saw Dr. Robert B. Anderson in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday and talked about the news he got Thursday:

“It’s a plantar plate tear in the bottom of the foot, the second toe. I’m trying to get treatment and try and get back out there as fast as we can. There’s no real timetable set for it or no real specific treatment to get it healed. It’s just a torn ligament down there.”


Is this something surgery can fix?

“It can but we really don’t want to go there. If surgery is [the] option [taken], I’m probably done for the year. We really don’t want to think about that at all.”

Learn anything new seeing specialist Wednesday?

“He just specified that it was a plantar plate tear that we knew but we really didn’t want to believe it because we wanted to think it was something minor that could be fixed within the five or six weeks that I was out.”

Play with rest of season and get surgery later?

“I played with it. I can play with it. But I can’t really run full-speed; I can’t really explode, be fast because that’s the only thing I really can do for the offense. I can’t really get much explosion because it’s that painful.”

Worth it to keep trying?

“I was out there already, so I can keep going, I can keep trying. But I’m out there to make plays, not to just distract the guys or do whatever. But if coach wants me to go out there, I’m more than willing to do it.”

Plan to try it?

“We’re going to keep trying it. We’re going to try it until officially coach makes a decision or we all make a group decision on yes or no or the next procedure to go about it.”

Is there a plan for when to try again?

“Actually every day I kind of try it on my own. I wake up every day like, ‘I hope it feels better.’ I take my medicines and try and relieve the pain. But it all depends on how I feel when I wake up. If I feel like there’s less pain, I’m going to put more power on it and see if we can go a little bit or not.”

Can it get worse?

“The doctor said it can’t technically get worse, but it can feel worse, I guess. So I guess it’s an inside feeling thing. Coach shut me down from practice after I guess not recovering from the games that I played. They say it can’t get worse, but I think it can. It can get dislocated; it can cause other injuries for overcompensating for it.”

Overuse/single play or step on something?

“Overuse, that’s the best term. I felt it early in the year, I felt it early in the preseason. I just kept playing. I’m kind of stubborn so I just keep playing, fighting through whatever. It’s just a toe injury, so I was like, it’ll be all right, just ice it, just keep playing. And then in New Orleans I felt a pop; that’s when things were serious when you feel a pop. I felt it early on throughout the year, but it wasn’t nothing major to go see the trainers about it or go tell the coaches about it. It’ll get over it. Football season, I’ll get over it.”

How did latest diagnosis make you feel?

“I don’t want to be on the sideline. It is frustrating, but you’ve just got to think about what’s best for it and what’s best for the future. You don’t want to make it worse just for one season.”

Definite that there will be surgery sometime?

“There is no definite. I don’t want to have surgery; I’ve never had surgery before, so I want to keep my streak alive. But it could be a possibility if it doesn’t heal right. They have to go in there and fix the ligament if it needs to be fixed. But I have a couple ligaments that are already loose in my body, so I’ve been moving all forward about that. This might have to be another one of them.”

Realistic guess for playing in a game?

“It’s every day. Every day I wake up and try to test it out to see if I can take a little bit more pain off of it or do a little something different to get it going. But there’s no set timetable.”

Regret not resting earlier?

“Looking back there’s always things you think you should’ve did. But I played on it. I went out there, I thought it was good. It wasn’t, but, you know, live and learn. It’s a learning experience.”

Right diagnosis from start?

“It’s a bottom of the foot. There’s no real specific plantar plate tear or ligament tear or tendon tear or turf toe. It’s all the same thing.”

Didn’t get different information at specialist?

“No, not really. Turf toe, it’s similar to a turf toe because they said it could happen on the [second toe]. It’s most common in the big toe.”

If shut down earlier, could be playing?

“We could say that now, but going through it, I was like, ‘I feel like I can play a little bit, I feel like I can do a little something, something.’ But when it came down to it and the painkillers wore off and you’re out there and your foot is hurting, you’re not performing as high as you would want to. You want to say, ‘Yeah I could’ve shut it down.’ But we went along and we made a group decision and we decided to go back out there and try to help the team.”