The Washington Times - October 29, 2012, 08:23PM

Hurricane Sandy is knocking out power and causing flooding up and down the East Coast. But its effects on the Washington Redskins were limited Monday.

Coach Mike Shanahan said players reported to Redskins Park at their normal time Monday, at 12:30 p.m.


“[We] went through our normal routine, except we cut it a little bit shorter for obvious reasons,” he said.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III wrote on Twitter: “Hurricane….???? And what am I doing???? At Work nonetheless.”

The plan was to practice Wednesday as normal “unless there’s some type of setback in between,” Shanahan said.

One concern at Redskins Park has to do with the practice bubble constructed to give the team the ability to work out during inclement weather. Strong winds could damage the facility.

 “I’m hoping that when I come to work tomorrow morning it’s still up,” Shanahan said. “Seventy mph winds I’m just hoping it’s still there when I wake up and it’s not somewhere on 267.”

It’s uncertain how the closing of NFL offices in New York Monday and Tuesday will affect cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who was expected to speak with commissioner Roger Goodell about his late-game outburst in Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The league pushed back the trade deadline because of the storm. Originally set for Tuesday, it was rescheduled for 4 p.m. Thursday.

Speaking about the trade deadline Monday, Shanahan implied that it’s unlikely the Redskins make a move.

“You’re looking at different opportunities. Nothing usually happens along those lines, but there’s always a possibility,” Shanahan said. “We always check out our options, seeing if anybody’s interested in our players or obviously we’re interested in somebody else’s players. Usually at this time of year at least my experience it doesn’t happen very often.”