The Washington Times - October 7, 2012, 05:59PM

Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson was unhappy with a teammate he believed didn’t carry out his responsibility in the secondary on a touchdown pass in Washington’s 24-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Wilson was the closest defender to Atlanta receiver Julio Jones when Jones caught an 18-yard touchdown that gave the Falcons 17-14 lead in the fourth quarter. Safety Reed Doughty arrived after Jones caught a back-shoulder throw that barely eluded Wilson’s reach. Wilson did not mention Doughty by name.


The Falcons lined up with three receivers to the left of the formation. Jones was closest to the sideline, and Wilson lined up over him. The two inside receivers ran routes to the middle of the field. Jones ran a double move and finished the route just beyond the front left pylon.

Quarterback Matt Ryan pump-faked, then reloaded and placed a perfect throw to Jones in the end zone.

“I’m just saying look at the film,” an agitated Wilson said. “I can only play my responsibility. You know what I mean?

“He…pumped it and goes up,” Wilson continued. “I mean, I’m playing freakin’ Cover-2. So figure that out.”

In Cover-2, two safeties divide the field in half and are responsible for deep throws to the perimeter. Doughty arrived at Jones after the catch was secured. I didn’t see Doughty in the locker room after the game. He played in place of first-stringer Brandon Meriweather, who missed the game with a sprained left knee.

“I wouldn’t take nothing back from that play,” Wilson said. “I did what I was supposed to do.”

Wilson said players failing to carry out their responsibilities has not been a major problem this season.

“Whenever we go out there and execute, you’ve seen us shut Matt Ryan down,” he said. “You’ve seen us the first half of Tampa shutting folks down. As long as we play our responsibilities and everything, we ball out here. You’re asking a lot of D-Hall (cornerback DeAngelo Hall) and I to go out there with these great receivers and lock them down and shut them down, you know what I mean? At a point…we can’t do everything.”

Ryan was 34-of-52 passing for 345 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. A Redskins secondary that has surrendered too many big plays this season was good in coverage, overall. Ryan finished with a passer rating of 89.0; he entered the game with an NFL-best rating of 112.1. Wilson and Hall covered Jones and receiver Roddy White fairly tightly throughout the game.

“It’s easy as long as everybody is doing their responsibility,” Wilson said. “It’s tough when they’re not. You’ve got double moves, you’ve got everything else out there. A guy is supposed to be where he’s supposed to be.”

Wilson did take responsibility for a 29-yard deep out White caught on Atlanta’s game-winning drive in the fourth quarter. It was the Falcons’ longest play from scrimmage.

“That’s Cover-3,” Wilson said. “I’ve got to be bale to stay on top and make every play on that. So there you go.”