The Washington Times - September 10, 2012, 04:11PM

The Redskins plan to audition long snappers on Tuesday because Nick Sundberg can’t continue snapping with a broken left arm.

Sundberg snapped nine times in Sunday’s victory over the New Orleans Saints after he broke his arm. His arm crunched against safety Reed Doughty’s facemask on the first-half play on which the Saints blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown.


Sundberg’s status for the rest of the season is in doubt for the time being. He appeared in the locker room Monday morning with a cast that covered his forearm and elbow.

“He’s pretty sore,” Shanahan said Monday afternoon. “We’re having it evaluated right now. We’ve got a chance to talk to the doctors a little bit later today and see how long it may take to heal, when he could possibly play again.”

Shanahan applauded Sundberg’s toughness.

“It doesn’t surprise me because we’ve got a number of guys that would do the same thing,” Shanahan said. “A guy like Nick, a lot of times you get a snapper that just deals with snapping, and all of a sudden they get injured and you’ve got to go in another direction.

“Nick is a guy that was injured during the game, a broken arm, and he was still able to fight through the pain and obviously do a great job, and I think all the players appreciate it. But it wouldn’t surprise me if every member of our team will do that. that’s the type of character that you have, and guys will play through a lot of pain. Sometimes you can deal with that pain for a game, and other times you can. I was very proud of him.”