The Washington Times - September 16, 2012, 09:42PM

ST. LOUIS — Here are a few postgame comments from Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III touching on late hits, the game getting out of hand, what he learned from the loss and more: 

(How he played) I didn’t make enough plays to help the team and that’s the bottom line. You’re judged on wins and losses and we lost the game so I didn’t play well enough.


(The game’s physical nature) We’re men, we play this game. There are no boys on that field. I don’t think anybody can say it’s too physical. As far as the out-of-handedness of the game, I do think it did get out of hand. But it’s not my job to enforce that. It got out of hand, we fought and clawed with them. Unfortunately we didn’t come out on top.

(Surprised by physical element) You’ve just got to be prepared for it. They dared us to run and we ran it. We moved the ball and we scored points. We just didn’t score enough points. Like I said, if teams want to get physical with us, or per se me, then bring it on.

(Late hits) I can’t say anything about that. I’m sure I got hit late a couple times. I can’t refer to anything after that.

(If a hit led to his interception) That wasn’t affecting me. I was just trying to make a play when I shouldn’t have tried to make a play. It’s just a mistake I can’t make. I was going to get sacked so I tried to throw the ball. It was off my back foot, so I didn’t get enough on it. I just can’t do that and I’ll learn from that.

(Learned from the loss) I don’t take losing very well. No one should. The day you start taking losses well is the day you should stop playing. You’ve just got to continue to stay on the grind, stay positive. Don’t act like it didn’t happen, but don’t let it hold you down for the next week.

(Josh Morgan’s late-game penalty) One guy doesn’t win or lose a game for you. Josh will learn from that. Of course he thinks he gets a first down and he flips the ball. That’s just something he can’t do and he knows that. He’ll learn from it and move forward from there.