Man apologizes for Josh Morgan death threat

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The man behind one of the death threats Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan received after his late-game penalty against the Rams last week has apologized.

Identified on his Twitter biography as John Ashworth from Maryland, the man changed his Twitter handle to @JohnAshworth7 and wrote Morgan: “I am very sorry for what I said to you, it was inexcusable. I know you may not forgive me thats (sic) fine. Best of luck this week.”

After Morgan threw the football at Rams defensive back Cortland Finnegan and earned a 15-yard personal foul, the man tweeted a detail threat to Morgan that included “I WILL KILL YOU.” The tweet was among of hundreds that mocked, derided and threatened Morgan and his family.

In the days after the tweet, the man defended his 30-word, profanity-laced missive several times, describing the threat as “legitimate” and “I’m not gonna apologize for anything I said.”

He wrote to The Washington Times last week that he “didn’t regret” the threat and, in other tweets, bragged about his message being mentioned in media reports.

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