The Washington Times - September 23, 2012, 07:12PM

Here are some of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s postgame comments after the Bengals beat the Redskins 38-31 at FedEx Field: 

(Using two timeouts on drive) It was just bad clock management on our part. We got a play out with 10 seconds left on the clock and we needed more than 10 seconds to run the play. We have to make sure that we hold onto those timeouts a little bit better. But the bottom line is we had to use them in those situations and avoid a penalty.


(Feeling running out of tunnel) The fans definitely showed up and showed out for us. Great vibe for us, but we need to give them a better showing. I know we scored 31 points, but we didn’t win the game. The bottom line is the fans showed up so we need to show up as well and get the ‘W.’

(His toughness) It’s not a show. In college we say it all the time, ‘tough guys have to be tough guys.’ You can’t just talk tough and then play soft. By no means do I have to be the toughest guy on the field. That’s what you have the offensive linemen for. They are supposed to be the guys that are the toughest on the field. But whenever those guys do get to you and those are two big guys that deliver good hits, all you can do is get up from it. The one thing they did late in the game was (Michael) Johnson hit me and got a quarterback hit and he picked me up and told me to get up. I think you earn players’ respect. You don’t say anything and just get up from those hits.

(The game’s final minutes) The false start was just a mental lapse on our part. We can’t have that. And then with the unsportsmanlike call, we didn’t know what was on. We weren’t sure what was going on, if the game was over or whether it was just a penalty. It was a dead ball so there was no 10 second runoff on that.

(Concern over Trent Williams’ injury) That’s my guy. I’ve only been here for a little bit, but Trent is my guy and I don’t want any of my guys to get hurt. So it is very unfortunate and sad. He actually came back on the field and played a little bit for us, which shows you how tough he is. … It’s the National Football League, there’s lots of guys out there that can play but you can’t replace Trent Williams, just like you can’t replace the Brian Orakpos or Adam Carrikers.

(High-scoring games) It only gets that way when one team gets down by a little bit. But usually you can stick to your game plan and do things of that nature. In the first half we just couldn’t move the ball. Like I said, it’s not one guy’s fault. It’s all of us. We need to make sure we come out better than that. The one thing I continue to tell myself and the team is that God doesn’t put you through trials to see if you are going to fall, he sees how you are going to respond. And for us, it’s about responding.