The Washington Times - September 24, 2012, 04:38PM

Mike Shanahan during his Monday news conference differentiated between wide receiver Joshua Morgan’s outburst at the end of the Rams loss last week and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s obscene verbal assault of an official near the end of and after Sunday’s loss to Cincinnati.

As a reporter pointed out to Shanahan on Monday, Morgan met with reporters and did multiple rounds of interviews about his tantrum after the Rams game, while Kyle issued a statement a day later.


And for those who are not aware of the Redskins’ media protocol, the offensive and defensive coordinators meet with reporters each week on Thursday. Multiple reporters requested an interview with Kyle on Monday, and he issued the statement in response to that request.

Here’s the Q&A that details how Mike Shanahan differentiates between the two situations. The questions were asked by several reporters.

Q: “It’s striking how Kyle handled things compared to Josh [Morgan] the week before where Josh immediately after the game stands up and takes responsibility; here we get a day-late statement on paper. Is that the sort of example a coaching staff should be setting for its players?”

MS: “I’m really disappointed you’d even ask a question like that. I read a little bit about it today. At least from my perspective, if all of a sudden Kyle or any coordinator hasn’t talked after the game for two or three years, and they talk on a Thursday – just like last week, you guys want to talk to Danny [Smith, special teams coach], you want to talk to Jim [Haslett, defensive coordinator]. I said, hey, I understand special teams didn’t have a great day or defense didn’t have a great day, but you’ll have to wait until Thursday. That’s what we do. That’s our protocol. And so we could change that every week relative to things like that. We’ve got a process that we work through, and that’s our process.”

Q: “Shouldn’t there be situations where you tinker with your process?”

MS: “I don’t think so. If you want to ask a question you can ask me. Kyle has already sent out a statement this morning, just like I would have. He wanted to talk to you guys, and I said we’ll keep the same process going.”

Q: “Were you disappointed in how he handled it?”

MS: “He thought the game was over, and I think he shared that with you. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on it, but I tried to explain to you that the official told me that the game was over. We knew that the game shouldn’t be over. They had half their football team on the field. What I was trying was get a personal foul talking to the official because he had told me the game was over. The game is not over, and I think we should have a 15-yard penalty. You know, that wasn’t the difference in winning and losing the game. Those things do occur. You would like cooler heads that prevail. That’s what I expect.”

Q: “A week earlier with Josh Morgan, you said he lost his poise, lost his composure and that can’t happen. Do you think the same thing applies here?”

A: “Well, like I said, I don’t know if I was very cool in the situation. When somebody tells me the game is over and go in, and I know that we have a play, I’m not sure I was very cool under that situation. I was very, very strong with my words to the official letting them know it wasn’t the end of the game. Now, is that cooler heads prevail? Or is he trying to get one more play and explain what the rules are in the National Football League? And so you can guys can evaluate that and come up with your opinions. But, yeah, I was very upset at that time, as well. Now, I don’t anybody to go out to the middle of the field, but when their staff was there and it looked like they were leaving – at least that was my understanding – I wanted them to come back very quickly and at least give us one last shot.”