The Washington Times - September 9, 2012, 07:22PM

NEW ORLEANS — Here are a few comments from Robert Griffin III’s postgame press conference, covering the noisy environment, what happened to his cell phone and what he would change about Sunday and more:

(On the Superdome’s noise) You can feel it in your body, the loudness and it’s crazy. The guys told me it was going to be like that. It was the loudest place I’ve ever played in, but why not? It’s New Orleans, La., and it’s the Superdome. We came out, played big on a big stage and did a good job.


(On the early screen passes) I think it’s great for any quarterback to get a couple of easy passes at the begining of a game so you can get in a rhythm instead of going out there and chucking it deep every time. Sometimes you can do that, like we did in some preseason games. … It’s just another wrinkle in our offense that worked the first couple of plays, then they started playing it, which opened up a lot of other stuff.

(On his 88-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon) They blitzed us on the play and I was hot. I was looking to throw to my hot receiver and he got covered. Pierre was the primary receiver on that, so I had enough time to look back to him and throw it to him.

(On if anything could’ve been improved) We could’ve scored a few more points. Nothing is ever perfect. There are some plays I wish I could have back. Falling down on a keeper, fumbling in the red zone when we had an open guy for a touchdown. All those things. I’m not going to be Debbie Downer. We won’t the game so I’m going to be happy about that.

(On his mindset) My mind was really clear going into this game. I felt my phone in Virginia, not on purpose. I just sat in my room and watch some TV, had time to think about things. The one thing I try to do is not stress about anything or go out and try to prove anything to anyone. I just go play and have fun. This is a game that I have played for a long time. The guys in that locker room, I’m still a rookie to them. After this game they told me I’m not a rookie anymore.

(On where this game ranks) It’s at the top. You can win a high school state championship or get there a couple of times. You can win a bowl game in college. But to get to the NFL, the pinnacle of it all, and win your first game playing against a Hall of Famer in Drew Brees. At the end of the game he told me he was proud of me. That’s big for him to say that after they had just lost a game. I respect him for that and this is definitely No. 1 on my list.