The Washington Times - September 9, 2012, 06:59PM

NEW ORLEANS — Sonny Jurgensen, the Hall of Fame quarterback who spent 11 seasons with the Redskins, talked briefly outside the team’s locker room about Robert Griffin III’s performance Sunday:

We hadn’t seen him play. He’d only thrown 31 balls in the preseason. I wanted him to play more in the preseason. I wanted to see Robert and they weren’t showing us anything … so (Sunday) they showed the option, the offense and all the different wrinkles we have off of that which we hadn’t seen. He threw the ball when he got rushed. He threw it accurately when he got rushed. He had those throws a quarterback has to make but isn’t comfortable with.


He’s got the big arm and he’s so quick. He buys time back there. It was good to see him when he got out on the outside a couple of times and he didn’t elect to run. He still made the play with his arm.

They were really playing on the minds of the defenders (with early screen passes) because he was finally able to get downfield. That was a great throw he made to Garcon on the 88-yard touchdown. Great space and spirit.

He’s got a great, great future. It’s going to be fun for us.