The Washington Times - August 15, 2013, 06:02PM

RICHMOND—Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan sees significant work left to be done by quarterback Robert Griffin, as Griffin works back from right knee ligament surgery in anticipation of starting the Washington Redskins’ regular season opener 25 days from now.

“Robert works as hard as you can work,” Shanahan said Thursday in his only media session of training camp. “You can’t work harder than that. He has done his rehab the right way, and that’s why he’s been able to come back so much earlier than expected. But now it’s just the grind of getting back, getting the rust off and get him as many reps as possible without jeopardizing anything, and he’s doing that.”


Griffin on Thursday took 21 snaps against the 11-man scout team, five more snaps than Wednesday’s debut in team drills. He completed 14 of 15 passes on a variety of dropbacks and rollouts.

“He has gotten 7-on-7 reps, and always when you’re out for a while, you start off rusty,” Shanahan said. “He got better each day. Yesterday was his first day of team reps. Today was his second, and I thought today was a lot better than yesterday. He’s getting his health back, and now it’s just about getting the rust [off] and trying to get those reps.

“The position is a lot about muscle memory – changing your body and how it moves and just going through reps and stuff, and you don’t get those reps when you’re hurt,” Shanahan continued. “Robert’s done as good of a job as you can of taking the mental reps and I think having a whole offseason to study film and watch, I think he sees the game better. Now it’s just about getting those reps so he physically can adjust to what I think his brain sees and seeing things a little bit better.”

As for Griffin’s relationship with head coach Mike Shanahan, Kyle’s father, Kyle is not interested in being an intermediary.

“Middle-mans mess things up,” Kyle said. “I would rather those two communicate to each other. I understood [Griffin’s] frustrations. I am just as frustrated. The whole team, everybody wants him out there. Your starting quarterback, we all want him out there to play and it’s hard.

“Me being young and everything, I want him out there the very first day. I don’t have much experience in this. The main thing is we can’t risk him getting hurt. As hard as it is, as frustrating as it is for him, myself, the head coach, every player out here, it’s what we’ve got to do. We have to keep him healthy—that is the most important thing—and make sure he is definitely ready to get out there, and I think we have been smart about that.”