The Washington Times - August 20, 2013, 12:41AM

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan updated reporters on quarterback Robert Griffin III’s status following Washington’s 24-13 win over Pittsburgh on Monday night. Griffin’s surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, who also is a Redskins team doctor, evaluated Griffin before Monday’s game and met with top Redskins officials.

Here is the full transcript of what Shanahan told reporters:


“I did talk with Dr. Andrews before the game. He feels great about Robert’s progress. He really feels the same way as he did before camp. At practice, he feels good about him practicing. He didn’t feel like we should put him in any games. He’s going to re-evaluate him after the Tampa game [on Aug. 29], and then he’ll make a decision—at least from his perspective, where he’s at. But like I said, he feels very good where he’s at at this time. If there’s no setbacks, he thinks we’ll be ready. But that’s assuming there is no setback here over the next couple weeks. So that’s a good sign.”

Q: Did Dr. Andrews get his hands on Robert? Did he just watch him warm up? What exactly did he do?

MS: “Well, he watched him out on the field. Then he brought him in. Obviously he checked him out. It’s the first time that he has checked Robert since we went to training camp, when he approved that he could practice. But he felt very good about his progress. But, again, he’s going to come back in a couple weeks after our preseason is over, re-evaluate him again. That will give us a yea or a nay. But right now he feels that progress has been good, and he’s hoping that there’s no setbacks, as well as ourselves.”

Q: Is there a date when you’ll decide when that happens?

MS: “After the Tampa game, he’s going to be with us, and he’s going to give us an idea how he feels about him at that time. But we’ve still got a couple more weeks of practice. We’ll go through this week. We still have a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. The following week, we have a same thing—we have a three-day preparation with a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before we play on Thursday. And then he’ll evaluate him after the game, and he’ll tell us where he’s at. And he’ll do the same thing that he did today. I’m sure that he’ll look at him work out, see if his knee is where he thinks it should be. He’ll let us know what he believes is right—along with the other doctors, Dr. Annunziata, obviously—they will confer and give us what they think.”

Q: Dan Snyder was quoted by ESPN as saying that the decision on Robert’s status for the opener would be Dr. Andrews’ and Dr. Andrews’ alone. Is that how you expect that situation will be?

MS: “Well, if Dr. Andrews felt that his knee wasn’t ready, we certainly wouldn’t play him. I don’t know what the communication was. I hate to make a comment on what hearsay is. I’m not exactly sure what was said. But we surely wouldn’t play him if he didn’t feel it was in the best interest of Robert and this organization to play.”

Q: What about the other scenario: If Dr. Andrews clears him, would there be another level of clearance from you? Or would that be the final word?

MS: “Well, like I said, we’re hoping there’s no setback. He’s been doing great. There’s no reason to have a setback, but you never know. We’re going to have two more weeks of practice. We’re going to put him through situations like we have been doing over the last three and a half weeks and keep our fingers crossed that there isn’t a setback. And if there isn’t, he should be ready for Philly.”