The Washington Times - August 5, 2013, 08:06AM

RICHMOND—Scott Campbell, the Redskins’ director of player personnel, has a lot to be proud of these days. As the team’s top college scout, last year’s NFC East division championship was especially gratifying because of how many rookies contributed.

In a 15-minute interview with Chris Russell and me on ESPN980 on Thursday morning, he discussed a wide range of draft and personnel topics all Redskins fans will be interested in. I highly recommend listening to the full interview, which you can do by clicking here.


We talked in detail about Georgia sixth-round free safety Bacarri Rambo because he has been practicing with the first-string defense during training camp. Campbell, who also went to Georgia, told the story of how Rambo first impressed him during the pre-draft process. Here’s an excerpt from the interview to whet your appetite:

“Following him the last couple years, he was a really productive football player for them, in terms of just interceptions and making plays,” Campbell said. “And then this past year, Kirk Olivadotti [a former longtime Redskins defensive assistant] is down there. I know tons of people there because I’ve been going there for years, but with Kirk there putting in a lot of our defensive stuff, and they’re running a 3-4, also, it’s easier to envision a guy like that in your defense when they’re doing a lot of the same stuff we’re going to ask our guys to do.

“The first time I really, really was excited, man, when we met with him at the combine and we put him on the board and he started going through the defense. And he says: ‘You want me to tell you what the linebacker is doing here? The defensive end?’ He went through the whole thing, which a lot of the kids don’t do. He’s saying, ‘I could talk football with you guys all night long.’ He knew where the corners where supposed to be, what the linebackers were doing on that play. It was impressive. It was surprising, the depth of his knowledge of football, which shows he has a passion for it. He loves it.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Scott Campbell here. And you can listen to more ‘Training Camp Today’ with Chris Russell and me Monday and Tuesday morning this week from 10-noon on ESPN980 and