Robert Griffin III, Mike Shanahan deny latest negative report

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Redskins coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback Robert Griffin III each publicly denied the latest national report that negatively portrayed Griffin and his father.

That Bleacher Report story, by veteran NFL writer Jason Cole, painted Griffin as a “stubborn” figure and his father, Robert Griffin, Jr., as meddlesome.

“It’s false,” Griffin said and later added “I’m not gonna worry about that.”

One aspect of the story, anonymously sourced, said that Griffin “brushed off” instruction from quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur after bad footwork led to an errant pass in a recent game.

“If you want me to comment to every one of those – I mean, it’s crazy. It’s ludicrous,” Shanahan said. “I told you something was going to come out every day. That’s just part of it to even write that kind of stuff.”

Shanahan was especially critical of one aspect of the story: Cole’s contention that the Griffin-LaFleur confrontation happened on the sidelines was not true. LaFleur coaches from the upstairs. The Bleacher Report story was later corrected.

As for Griffin, he received advice from veteran linebacker London Fletcher on how to handle the swirling controversy surrounding his inactive status and his relationship with his coaches.

“I do take that advice, because for some people, it can push you over the edge and really frustrate you,” Griffin said. “So for me, I’ve just got to do what Fletch told me and exhale and just let it all go, because you have to let the people that know you defend you, and you can’t try to defend yourself or your family in these situations. It’s unfortunate. People won’t understand that, but people that know me and know my parents, know my family, know what goes on around here.”

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