The Washington Times - December 19, 2013, 04:03PM

Kyle Shanahan said Thursday it’s not his decision as to whether he’ll remain with the Washington Redskins past this season, but he refuted a report that he wants to distance himself from his father, coach Mike Shanahan.

“That won’t be up to me,” Shanahan, the Redskins’ offensive coordinator, said. “That’ll be up to our owner to decide if he wants us here, but to say reports that I want to distance myself from my father are totally untrue. I came here with a goal to win here, and I’ll keep trying to do that until they don’t want us here. That’s not a decision that’s up to me, but I’m going to coach here until I’m told that I can’t anymore, and I’ll finish that through.”

It is increasingly likely that the Redskins’ coaching staff won’t return next season, both because of the team’s 3-11 record this season and the reports of fractured relationships between the Shanahans, team owner Dan Snyder and quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for two years with the Houston Texans prior to joining his father in the same capacity with the Redskins in 2010. Because he’s been able to have a measure of success on his own, he said he doesn’t need to coach for a different team to prove himself.

“I do know what I can do on my own,” Shanahan said. “I was on my own before I came here. I was a coordinator for two years before I came here, and I do know what I can do on my own.”

One day, Shanahan said, he’d like to be a head coach in the NFL, but for now, he’s content in the role he’s in.

“I’d like someday hopefully to get a chance to be a head coach, whatever path that takes. I’m not trying to force that issue. I think of things year-to-year. I try to do the best thing for me, for myself and for my family. We had some success last year. You get mentioned for head coach jobs when you have some success. When you lose, you don’t. No matter who you’re coaching for or what you’re doing, it’s about winning games, doing a good job at your position – which, for me, is as a coordinator – and I really just focus on what I put on tape.”