The Washington Times - January 1, 2013, 02:39PM

You wouldn’t know it just from seeing Robert Griffin III’s six carries for 63 rushing yards on Sunday’s stat sheet from the Redskins’ 28-18 win over Dallas, but he obviously still is hobbled by the mildly sprained lateral collateral ligament in his right knee.

“I was a little disappointed yesterday because he only averaged 10.5 yards per carry,” coach Mike Shanahan joked Monday. “I was hoping he would average a little bit more.”


Shanahan made his point well. It’s not that he believes Griffin is operating at full capacity; it’s that Griffin is still effective despite being unable to cut and run as explosively as he could before the injury.

Those limitations probably result from a combination of factors, including the injured knee ligament and the brace he must wear on his knee.

“The doctors say he’s 100 percent,” Shanahan said. “We don’t have to worry about him re-injuring that LCL. The brace helps him at least mentally know that he’s not putting too much pressure on it. I think sometimes that’s why he looks a little bit different when he does cut. I think it bothers him just a hair, but it’s something that he has to wear.”

Griffin will be four weeks removed from the injurious tackle when the Redskins host Seattle in the Wild Card round of the playoffs on Sunday. That’s a significant amount of time to heal, especially for a Grade 1 sprain, which is the least severe. But for now, at least, it remains an issue.

“The LCL is going to take some time,” Shanahan said. “We all know that. Is it a month? Is it a month and a half? You really never know when it’s completely healed.”