The Washington Times - January 2, 2013, 09:37AM

The Redskins defied the odds to get to make the playoffs after a 3-6 start, and they’ll have to continue doing so in order to win the Super Bowl.

The good folks at have Washington as 3-point underdogs against Seattle for Sunday’s wild card round game at FedEx Field.


The Redskins are 18/1 odds to win the Super Bowl, the eighth-most likely out of the 12 playoff teams. Consider they were 300/1 during the bye week when Washington was a week removed from falling to 3-6. Bovada did take a $300 bet on the Redskins when the odds were at their longest, a spokesman said.


Denver Broncos3/1
New England Patriots15/4
San Francisco 49ers6/1
Atlanta Falcons7/1
Green Bay Packers15/2
Seattle Seahawks12/1
Houston Texans14/1
Washington Redskins18/1
Baltimore Ravens22/1
Minnesota Vikings35/1
Cincinnati Bengals45/1
Indianapolis Colts45/1


The odds for NFC champion rank accordingly. Note that the favorite is second-seeded San Francisco, not top-seeded Atlanta:

San Francisco 49ers12/5
Atlanta Falcons5/2
Green Bay Packers10/3
Seattle Seahawks6/1
Washington Redskins8/1
Minnesota Vikings18/1


And for those already booking their accommodations in New Orleans for Super Bowl week, here are the odds of each possible Super Bowl matchup featuring the Redskins:

Washington vs. Denver20/1
Washington vs. New England22/1
Washington vs. Houston70/1
Washington vs. Baltimore100/1
Washington vs. Cincinnati200/1
Washington vs. Indianapolis225/1


And here are the odds for every possible Super Bowl pairing:

San Francisco vs. Denver13/2
Atlanta vs. Denver7/1
San Francisco vs. New England15/2
Atlanta vs. New England8/1
Green Bay vs. Denver17/2
Green Bay vs. New England10/1
Seattle vs. Denver15/1
Seattle vs. New England18/1
Washington vs. Denver20/1
Washington vs. New England22/1
San Francisco vs. Houston25/1
Atlanta vs. Houston28/1
Green Bay vs. Houston30/1
San Francisco vs. Baltimore35/1
Atlanta vs. Baltimore40/1
Minnesota vs. Denver40/1
Minnesota vs. New England45/1
Green Bay vs. Baltimore50/1
Seattle vs. Houston50/1
San Francisco vs. Cincinnati70/1
Washington vs. Houston70/1
Atlanta vs. Cincinnati75/1
Seattle vs. Baltimore80/1
San Francisco vs. Indianapolis80/1
Atlanta vs. Indianapolis90/1
Washington vs. Baltimore100/1
Green Bay vs. Cincinnati100/1
Green Bay vs. Indianapolis100/1
Seattle vs. Cincinnati150/1
Minnesota vs. Houston150/1
Seattle vs. Indianapolis175/1
Minnesota vs. Baltimore200/1
Washington vs. Cincinnati200/1
Washington vs. Indianapolis225/1
Minnesota vs. Cincinnati400/1
Minnesota vs. Indianapolis450/1