The Washington Times - January 2, 2013, 04:42PM

Robert Griffin III on Wednesday afternoon got on the other side of the camera, for a change.

As Redskins coach Mike Shanahan stepped to the podium inside the auditorium at Redskins Park to begin his post-practice news conference, Griffin walked up a stairway past a door to the back of the room. 


Griffin had finished his news conference minutes earlier. A reporter joked whether Griffin wanted to go back to the podium for another round questioning following his 16-minute session.

Griffin responded by asking whether he should ask Shanahan a question. When told it probably would be funny, he slipped into the auditorium. Shanahan had already started speaking, so the quarterback went mostly unnoticed. Imagine that.

Griffin asked the reporter about proper protocol and was told he needed to get hold of one of the microphones circulating. He finally did.

“Coach, we just wanted to know…” Griffin said.

Shanahan looked around. He quickly saw Griffin and smiled.

“You got me by surprise there,” Shanahan said. “Who is this guy?”

“What did you do for New Year’s?” Griffin asked.

“Tried to put a good game plan together,” Shanahan said. “I wasn’t sure how healthy you were, so it was hard without you calling me.”

Everyone laughed. Another media home run for RG3.

“You got me good,” Shanahan said as Griffin strolled out a side door.

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