The Washington Times - January 7, 2013, 01:53PM

Pierre Garcon remains undecided about what to do about his injured right foot, though the Washington Redskins wide receiver is far from enthusiastic about the idea of having surgery.

Asked if he ruled out having an operation to repair the plantar plate tear in his foot, Garcon said: “Me personally, yeah. But we’ll get some experts’ opinions and get enough of their opinions and a lot of them say I need surgery, which I think I might not need surgery. But we’ll see it how it goes.”


Garcon first felt pain in his right foot during the preseason but had to admit it to trainers during the first quarter of the Redskins’ Week 1 win at the New Orleans Saints on Sept. 9. He missed two games, returned for two at less than full healthy and then sat out four more to get five weeks of rest, including the bye.

Despite playing in just 10 regular-season games, he finished with the most yards among Redskins receivers with 644. As recently as Sunday’s playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Garcon has been playing with pain but learned how to “manage it better.”

“I’ve gotten used to the pain, I guess you could say,” Garcon said. “It’s getting better, I guess. But it’ll be all right.”

If Garcon chooses rest and other rehab over surgery, it’s uncertain if he’ll be 100 percent by the time the Redskins resume offseason workouts.

“Tough to say right now,” he said. “I really can’t tell. I really can’t say.”

After a season in which he showed flashes of stardom and experienced plenty of frustration, Garcon was happy with how he dealt with the injury.

“I can’t complain. Some people thought I should’ve got surgery and some people thought I should’ve sat out. Some people thought I should’ve kept playing,” Garcon said. “When I got back somewhat healthy I kept playing and played through pain. I guess it was a little bit of success, something to look at to be like, all right, we did this not a hundred percent not always healthy. So you build from it and keep going.”