The Washington Times - July 31, 2013, 02:55PM

RICHMOND – Redskins cornerbacks twice tried to jam receiver Leonard Hankerson during one-on-one drills Tuesday afternoon, and both times they ended up chasing him down the field.

Hankerson separated from cornerbacks Chase Minnifield and Josh Wilson with a quick stutter step or fire step.


He set Minnifield up by finishing his stutter steps with a hard plant to the outside. He won an inside release and separated from Minnifield by at least five yards. Hankerson turned the route into a go by putting up his right hand to signal for the ball. Quarterback Robert Griffin III overthrew him, though.

Later in the drill against Wilson in press coverage, Hankerson’s stutter steps caused Wilson to lose his balance and open his hips (what some DBs call ‘opening the gate.’). From there, Hankerson’s release was clean.

Both plays were a testament to Hankerson’s quick feet and good acceleration.

“I think I’ve kind of got a natural, like, double-up at the line of scrimmage, and just do things that the DB is going to go for,” Hankerson said after practice. “They wait at the line of scrimmage to see what you’re going to do and try to jump me first move, but you’ve got to always have something to counter with. It’s just me countering what they think they got.”