The Washington Times - March 20, 2013, 02:38PM

PHOENIX | The salary cap-strapped Redskins have re-signed 10 of their own free agents and completed only three low-level signings of free agents from outside the organization. That’s not exactly how coach Mike Shanahan preferred to approach free agency, but his two meetings with the commissioner in the last 30 days failed to regain the club any of its lost $18 million salary cap space this year.

Shanahan is content with how the team has executed its backup plan.


“Going in, we knew exactly the penalty we had,” Shanahan said Wednesday at the owners’ meetings. “When you know that going in, you know what to expect. So there was no surprises for us. We had a game plan for it. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to execute that game plan, but it’s here, and we dealt with it.”

The Redskins’ plan obviously is scaled back from one they devised on the condition they recouped the $36 million in cap space the league penalized them over the last two seasons.

“We know the difference in $36 million,” he said. “If you have the opportunity to execute 18 more, 36 more, or where we’re at right  now. I’ve been very pleased with our game plan. We’ve been able to sign a lot of our players. I’m very optimistic with the players we have signed. A lot of these guys are the core of our football team, guys who have played extremely well the last couple years. I feel very good that we’ve been able to get the majority of these guys signed.