The Washington Times - November 27, 2013, 05:06PM

Robert Griffin III said on Wednesday that his father, Robert Griffin Jr., visited the Washington Redskins’ locker room after their loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday to make sure he was OK.

“I was shocked that he was there, but he meant no harm, and anybody out there that’s going after my dad needs to back up,” Griffin said. “That is my father. I will protect my family, and he served 21 years in the military. I know that’s not an excuse for anything that he does, but he’s not overstepping any bounds, so I hope that people will respect that and back off.”

Griffin Jr. talked with his son at his locker, then attended Griffin’s press conference, which took place roughly 20 minutes after the game ended. After Griffin spoke for approximately 10 minutes, he returned to the locker room, where he and his father sat down and had a face-to-face discussion.

“He asked me if I was OK, and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m all right,’” Griffin said. “Me and him just talked and then that’s it.”

Griffin said his father was concerned by the number of hits that he took during the course of the game. Griffin was sacked four times and was hit seven times total, according to the box score.

A team spokesman also said Tuesday that Griffin Jr. was in the locker room after the game to check on Griffin’s health.

“My dad came to check on me,” Griffin said. “He came to check on me to make sure I wasn’t injured. Mom was upset. He wanted to do his fatherly duties and step in there and see if I was OK. That’s all I can say.”