The Washington Times - October 16, 2013, 04:42PM

Interesting quote from Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III when asked about his team’s disappointing start this afternoon at his weekly press conference with reporters. 

After a 10-6 season and an NFC East title, a 1-4 start was the last thing anyone at Redskins Park expected. And with those struggles comes the inevitable criticism. How are the Redskins handling it? And can the withstand the weight heading into a crucial game at home against the Chicago Bears on Sunday at FedEx Field?


“Moving the ball, making big plays, putting points on the board - whenever you play like that and you come back the next year and you don’t play like that and your quarterback has a significant knee injury in the offseason, the scrutiny is going to be there,” Griffin said. “But I think for a lot of guys in this locker room, nothing’s ever been easy for us as far as in life. It’s never been given to us. Some guys in this league get a break and some guys don’t. And with all the scrutiny going on with our team as far as the [team] name, my knee injury, the way we started this season, all that stuff can pile up. The good thing about the locker room is that we do have a strong locker room. And coach [Mike Shanahan] says it all the time. We have too much character on this team to fold.”