The Washington Times - October 31, 2013, 01:34PM

Kai Forbath hasn’t had a whole lot of trouble with accuracy during his 15 games with the Washington Redskins, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to improve it.

The kicker asked for a narrower set of uprights, which were installed last week at Redskins Park, to push him to keep his field goal attempts straighter.

“You have to focus a lot more, obviously, because it’s smaller,” Forbath said Wednesday. “It gives you confidence. When you make it on that, and you get into the game, they frickin’ look huge. How can you miss on those? I’m not saying it’s an excuse never to miss, but it definitely helps with your focus and accuracy while kicking.”

Forbath has missed only three field goals while with the Redskins – one late last season and two this year. In previous stints with the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the practice facilities were equipped with at least one set of narrow uprights.

The distance between posts, Forbath said, is similar to that in the Arena Football League. Uprights are spaced 18 feet apart, while the indoor uprights are nine feet apart.

There are times already when Forbath has noticed a difference. In a portion of practice open to reporters on Wednesday, the kicker wrapped two field goal attempts just inside the left upright.

“I know that when I’m kicking on the bigger ones, I’m not as critical of myself if it’s toward the right upright but it goes in, whereas if I kick that same ball on the small ones, it’ll look like it’s a miss,” Forbath said. “It really helps me stay down the middle.”