The Washington Times - October 9, 2013, 05:48PM

Given the attention the name change issue has generated in recent weeks, it was inevitable Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III would again face that question. But during the season it’s not one he relishes answering.

“When it comes to the name change, we can’t allow it to be a distraction,” Griffin said. “You don’t want to minimize anything that’s going on outside of these walls, but inside these walls we have to focus on football and that’s what our goal has to be. We have to focus on the Cowboys. We have to go out and win football games. We can’t worry about what’s going on outside of that at this time and point.”


It was a sentiment shared by his coach, Mike Shanahan, who addressed the letter team owner Daniel Snyder sent to fans on Monday.

“I’m not sure how many players saw the letter,” Shanahan said. “But personally, I was glad he expressed exactly how he feels from an ownership standpoint. I think I addressed that many times in the offseason. I said once the football season started, I’d concentrate on football and I’d like to do that.”