The Washington Times - September 12, 2013, 05:28PM

Defensive coordinators usually aren’t in great moods a week after allowing 33 points.

No different for Redskins coordinator Jim Haslett on Thursday when he met with the media for the first time since Monday’s loss to Philadelphia.


Haslett took issue with a line of questioning on cornerback E.J. Biggers, who switched to safety for the game against the Eagles. That was a position he last played in high school.

Haslett disputed that Biggers had practiced at safety for only one week. That was technically true. Biggers himself said the move happened the week before.

That’s not “a lot longer” as Haslett claimed. But let’s add some nuance here: Yes, Biggers last played safety in high school. But as a nickel cornerback he says has a solid grasp of what a safeties’ responsibility are. It’s not that big a switch. The angles are different. The goal is not.

In a way it doesn’t matter anyway. The coaching staff, at least, felt Biggers was the least of their problems during those first-half struggles against the Eagles, who ran an astonishing 53 plays in the first half. That move was meant to take advantage of Biggers’ 4.31 speed against a fast Philadelphia receiving corps. The alternative on the roster - with safety Brandon Meriweather out with a groin injury - was starting reserve safety Reed Doughty at that spot. To Haslett, the move wasn’t unusual at all. 

“[Biggers] actually played well. E.J. had nothing to do with what happened in the first quarter,” Haslett said. “For you, maybe [it’s unusual]. If you’re a football player, probably not.”

Haslett wasn’t happy with his team’s play in the first half. He was pleased with how that unit responded in the second half.

“We had guys in position to make plays. We missed a bunch of tackles,” Haslett said. “And we had guys that were out of position and not because we didn’t rep it and not because we didn’t work it. It was because of the speed, guys had communication issues. We can take care of that.”