Breaking down games 1-4 . . . with Lindsay Czarnia

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RedskinsCh. 4’s Lindsay Czarniak1. The Redskins beat Detroit last week 34-3. Should that be a sign of optimism for the Redskins offensive and defensively or are you still in wait-and-see-what-happens mode?Ryan:Lindsay:2. Through the first quarter of the season, which Redskins player has been the most surprising and which player has been the most disappointing?Ryan:Lindsay:3. Jason Campbell had the best game of his career last week. What can we expect from Campbell over the next few weeks?Ryan:Lindsay:4. Is the NFC — where only three of the 16 teams have fewer than two defeats — really as bad as everybody says?Ryan:New EnglandLindsay:Cowboys5. Clearly, the Game of the Year To Date is New England (5-0) at Dallas (5-0). Do the Cowboys have any chance?Ryan:Lindsay:

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