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Week 7 picks

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Jim Ducibella of the Virginian-PilotDallasPhiladelphiaArizona at Redskins\ Duce:Ryan:RedskinsBaltimore at Buffalo\ Duce:Ryan:Minnesota at Dallas\ Duce:Ryan:Tampa Bay at Detroit\ Duce:Ryan:Tennessee at Houston\ Duce:Ryan:New England at Miami\ Duce:Ryan:San Francisco at NY Giants\ Duce:Ryan:Atlanta at New Orleans\ Duce:Ryan:SeattleNY Jets at Cincinnati\ Duce:Ryan:Kansas City at Oakland\ Duce:Ryan:Chicago at Philadelphia\ Duce:Ryan:St. Louis at Seattle\ Duce:Ryan:worried they might go 0-16Pittsburgh at Denver\ Duce:Ryan:Indianapolis at Jacksonville\ Duce:Ryan:Records\ Duce:Ryan:

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