The Still-No-Coach Debate

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RedskinsNBC 4Lindsay CzarniakGregg WilliamsJoe Gibbs1. Just a few weeks ago, after Joe Gibbs’ retirement, the natural assumption was that Gregg Williams would be promoted to head coach, Al Saunders would likely to stay on to run the offense and stability would rule. What the heck happened?Ryan:Lindsay:2. Joe Gibbs has to be slightly upset about the way things have gone down. If you gave Joe some truth syrup, what questions would you like to have him answer?Ryan:Lindsay:3. The Redskins have made it a tradition to re-work players’ deals in order to free up cap space. With this upheaval, how much does that hurt their efforts?Ryan: Greg BlacheLindsay:4. Who should get the job: Fassel, Spagnuolo, Mariucci, Meeks, mystery candidate? Who does Danny/Vinny pick?Ryan:Jim FasselNFC EastLindsay:5. Whoever the new coach is, should Redskins drop their expectations significantly?Ryan:Lindsay: 6 BONUS: Who wins Sunday’s Super Bowl?Ryan: New EnglandLindsay:

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