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Add punter to the Washington Redskins‘ to do list this off season following the release of Ryan Plackemeier today.

Signed to a two-year contract last October, Plackemeier punted in the last 10 games and even though the Redskins ranked last in net punting average, the thought was that a punter would be signed to compete with Plackemeier. Instead, only Zac Atterberry (career regular season punts: 0) is on the roster. Expect a second punter to be signed at some point.

The decision to draft Durant Brooks continues to haunt the Redskins. He flamed out after six games and Plackemeier won a punt-off before the Cleveland game. He had some decent games including several inside-the-20 kicks against Philadelphia that aided the Redskins in field position but it obviously wasn’t enough to keep his job.

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