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Let the madness begin

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Let the 2009 NFL season begin. First up is free agency which began moments ago and be sure that the phone lines around the league are being lit up with teams calling agents, teams calling players, players calling players and whatnot.

The big fish is Albert Haynesworth and he might be one of the first names to be snapped up. As several people have said today, ol’ Al doesn’t need a recruiting visit. It’s all about which offer has the most zeroes.

Other players have to decide if the money is the same, do they stay with Team A, go to Team B that would require a transition for a chance to flourish or Team C that he has a tie with. Such is the decision Chris Canty will have to make. Stay in Dallas? Move to a 4-3 defensive team? Go to Miami and be reunited with Bill Parcells?


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