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Former Redskins return specialist Brian Mitchell, who was bounced by ESPN 980 earlier this year, was on Jerry Coleman’s radio show in Baltimore this week. As expected, B-Mitch didn’t hold much back, continuing to say his removal from 980 wasn’t financially related.

Mitchell was honest during his time on the D.C. airwaves – he has no use for Vinny Cerrato as a front office chief and has also been critical of owner Dan Snyder.

* On having to change his style to remain on 980: “If I can’t be me, I don’t want to be there anyway.”

* On the behind-the-scenes decision making: “I know a lot of things that went down prior to [his firing] that proves it had nothing to do with the economy.”

* On the Redskins under Dan Snyder: “What have they really done in the playoffs to make people believe they’ve gotten better? Nothing.”

* On Redskins fans: “Fans believed more what I said than they believed the message of the people they put in place to give the message out.”

* On who’s the better GM – Ozzie Newsome or Vinny Cerrato: “Ozzie Newsome, hands down. He knows football. He doesn’t look at football as being fantasy football.”

Here’s the link to the interview: http://bit.ly/zpryy

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