Nolan prefers chess to coaching

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Broncos coordinator Mike Nolan, who held the same job with the Redskins from 1997-99, is happier running a defense than he was coaching the 49ers from 2005-08.

“I think the best job in coaching is the coordinator’s job. I mean, the head coach’s job is a great job,” said Nolan, who was fired misway through last season with the 49ers 18-37 during his tenure and 2-5 in 2008. “Don’t get me wrong. Monetarily is probably the most rewarding part about it though. But as a coordinator, I think there’s a lot more coaching rewards, and in particular, a lot of offensive guys maintain their coordinator duties so they can continue to coach. A lot of defensive guys do not, for whatever reason.”

So why do you like being a coordinator so much, Mike?

“I do believe that the coordinator’s job is probably the most exciting job in football, from a teaching and a coaching standpoint, because you get to do X’s and O’s,” Nolan said. “You get to play chess on Sunday and you get to be hands-on as far as teaching.”

— David Elfin


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