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Back from his European vacation, former Seattle coach Mike Holmgren has finally weighed in on Jim Zorn being stripped of the play calling dutiess.

Zorn was Holmgren’s long-time quarterbacks coach with the Seahawks.

Appearing on a Chicago radio show today, Holmgren disagreed with the way Zorn is being treated. The quotes were transcribed and displayed on NFL.com.

Let’er rip Mike:

“I thought it was very unfair to put him in the position. The position they put Jim in, it shouldn’t happen. You can be upset with me as a play-caller or how the team’s going, (then) fire me. But don’t do that. Don’t pull the rug out from under me, tie my hands, make me look foolish … take away what I came there for to do in the first place. Don’t do that.”

Holmgren added: “That bothered me a lot. Jim Zorn is one of the nice people. I’m a nice guy, but I’m not that nice. Jim Zorn is really a nice man. What they did, I did not like it at all.”

What The Danny and The Vinny are discovering is that Zorn has a lot of friends in this league who are having no trouble ripping them for the decision.

— Ryan O’Halloran

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