Moss doesn't want fulltime punt return duty

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Santana Moss doesn’t want to be the fulltime punt returner although he believes he has a knack for it.

“Obviously, when I’m out there, I want to be out there,” Moss said. “I just take it the way they give it to me. I don’t want no more than what they give to me. I think I still have a knack for doing it. I love the position because it got me to this level, but when it comes to being out there fulltime, I don’t really care for that. I’ve had my share of fulltime duties in New York [for the Jets]. I did enough of that. Now my focus is bigger and different. But when it’s asked upon, I’ll go out there because I know it’s for the team.”

Moss said it’s not a question of returning punts hurting him as the team’s No. 1 receiver.

“Especially when you haven’t had the ball a lot offensively, it helps me get into the game,” Moss said. “It kinda breaks the ice a little bit if I hadn’t had a catch yet. It’s just something that certain guys can do. I relish teh moment just to be out there because I know that I’m one block here or one missed tackle from making a big play. A good punt returner is a guy who can make most of the guys miss. Our goal is always to make the first guy miss and get 10 yards.”

— David Elfin


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