Redskins won't sign Henry

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Jim Zorn just completed his weekly radio segment on 980. The only news is that the Redskins will not be signing RB Chris Henry but will sign a punter, likely one of the four who tried out this morning.

The other items of note:

*On examining his own game plan and play calling: “When you lose or you’re not scoring, it’s really getting down to all the little things. You discover little things, make adjustments and come back and get after it again. I try to come up with new things. What we have to be is sound, be unpredictable to beat a defense and we have to execute. I have to call excellent plays. All those things come into consideration when we’re in a situation like we’ve had in the last couple of games.”

*On being 2-2 so far: “I think we have improving to do all over the place – coaching, playing, paying attention to all the things we need to do. We have willing men and that’s what we’re committed to.”

*On Clinton Portis not practicing but then playing: “I think all players need the reps but I think Clinton is an interesting guy because when he comes out, he goes fast. He had no signs of being slower or lethargic – he had a good burst, he played tough.”

*On conversations with QB Jason Campbell: “Here’s what I do try to talk to Jason about: He has to stayed focus on the things that are important and it is getting in and out of huddle, getting to the line of scrimmage and being [perfect] with tempo, with confidence, paying attention to all of the things – snap count, motion, shifting, defensive front, secondary – and that has to be repetitive. It has nothing to do with the execution of anybody else. All he can do is take care of his job.”

— Ryan O’Halloran

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