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Tech Zoo Archive: January 2008

  • Goodbye

    Well, it's the end of the line. Sadly, CES wrapped up today, bringing this blog to an end. I hope... Published January 10 2008

  • The magic touch of a chair

    I've done a lot of walking this week, so I was happy to do some work-related sitting today. That... Published January 10 2008

  • Projector in a pocket

    For those who were unaware, 3M doesn't just make adhesive tape. (In fact, the Minnesota-based com... Published January 10 2008

  • The coolest ride around

    Apparently, drinking and driving is only dangerous if what's driven is a car or large vehicle. Ot... Published January 10 2008

  • The last straw

    So I've had a blast covering CES, but I can't help but lament the horrible luck I've had, and thi... Published January 10 2008

  • Movie motion simulator gives meaning to 'action fl

    Talk about a 3-D experience. Imagine watching the plane crash scene from the movie "Cast Away," f... Published January 10 2008

  • Getting my robot fix

    I just took a look at two of the latest human companions from WowWee, maker of Robopanda and the... Published January 10 2008

  • Things just got a little awkward

    Before I arrived here, I had heard stories from previous years when CES took place the same week... Published January 10 2008

  • Transformers, unite: Autobot invades convention

    Another celebrity sighting! Here's Bumblebee in the flesh … or steel, I guess?\ \ I ran into... Published January 9 2008

  • Your very own 'Rosie'

    Robots, I think most would agree, are awesome. But a lot of people question the practicality of,... Published January 9 2008

  • Watching the world's biggest plasma TV

    I was hanging out with a crowd in front of Panasonic's 150-inch plasma TV. Like every other HD TV... Published January 9 2008

  • Toy band accompanies TV

    I don't know about you, but I often find myself sitting in front of my television wishing I had a... Published January 9 2008

  • Don't tase me, fashionista

    You're jogging outside at dusk, listening to your favorite workout mix on the MP3 player attached... Published January 8 2008

  • Samsung HD camera will film for 90 minutes

    Meet the Samsung NV 24HD. For $350, you get high-definition still images, face detection, image s... Published January 8 2008

  • Talk about handheld: Canon camcorders

    Check out this high-definition camcorder from Canon. Like everything else, the emphasis is on por... Published January 8 2008

  • First-aid for MP3s

    MP3 recordings, by their very nature, compress sound files. While the format makes music portable... Published January 8 2008

  • Now that's big

    Sharp Electronics is laying claim to the largest LCD flat-panel TV at a whopping 108 inches. It w... Published January 8 2008

  • Yeah, that really is a TV

    Samsung's Ultra Slim LCD TV, now a prototype scheduled to roll out next year, is only 4 millimete... Published January 8 2008

  • The rub on shrewd shoe choosing

    Dear readers:\ \ \ I'm in tons of pain right now. Here's a video I shot this morning — hope... Published January 8 2008

  • HD TV in 3D ... coming soon

    As if high-definition wasn't enough. Remember those "Magic Eye" books with three-dimensional imag... Published January 7 2008