Internet, cell phones bring crash video to office-bound

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As word of the US Airways plane crash in New York’s Hudson River spread, the Internet brought video and sound to the office-bound among us. Cable television isn’t as widespread in offices as the Net is, and the office-bound depended on Internet print reports and video to bring the story to life.

One thing I found helpful was the World Wide Internet Television (WWITV) Web site, a portal for live television streams from around the planet. From there, I was able to watch streams from several New York City broadcast stations. Of those, WABC-TV, the ABC owned-and-operated station, had the best overall quality of picture, sound and reporting.

Such television-on-demand services as MobiTV, which is available on various Sprint-powered mobile phones and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, will likely also come in handy at times such as these. The bottom line is that technology has an increasing role to play when news breaks.

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