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Only at The Washington Times: Reporters discuss the latest news from the 2008 Presidential Election.

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Barr debates, sort of

Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Bob Barr will stage his own virtual debate during the televised debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain.

'W' doldrums

Here is the rare survey that might bring at least a small grin to someone in the White House.

Palin to appear on "SNL"

Word on the campaign trail is that Gov. Sarah Palin will appear on "Saturday Night Live" Oct. 25, spoofing herself and her look-alike, Tina Fey.

McCain and Keating: 'Till death do us part'

In 1986 John McCain wrote an apology note to Charles H. Keating Jr. for his Senate campaign having overstepped its bounds. Keating responded with a handwritten note — addressed to "senator," seven months before McCain won his Senate seat — telling him not to sweat it, "I'm yours till death do us part."

Drink away the sorrows?

A group of young 20-somethings, concerned with the economy, don't have much confidence in the candidates' solution to the troubled economy.