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Water Cooler Archive: July 2009

  • Beer summit Obama gaffe captured in an image

    Mr. Obama may think it is leadership to be out in front of the pack, but it is those who take charge and responsibility of real situations who are the real leaders. Published July 31 2009

  • Video: Feinstein's office mobbed by the elderly

    Politicians on the hill usually look forward to Summer recess, but for those lawmakers favoring healthcare reform, angry constituents are waiting for their Senators and Congressmen at scheduled town halls all over the nation. Published July 31 2009

  • Disturbing content on New Black Panther's MySpace page

    The Department of Justice recently dropped the conviction of New Black Panther Party member Jerry Jackson. Published July 30 2009

  • Video: Removing free market rhetoric from government run proposals

    Congressman Paul Ryan, (R-Wi), tore down the myths of government run health care and the rhetoric that goes along with it. Published July 30 2009

  • Chris Matthews attacked Cambridge 911 caller

    Apparently, MSNBC's Chris Matthews could not wait for the audio release Cambridge 911 call made by Lucia Whalen. Published July 29 2009

  • Racism shrapnel hit Cambridge 911 caller

    President Obama's response to Chicago journalist Lynn Sweet not only was a torpedo aimed at Sergeant James Crowley but also the then anonymous 911 caller who thought she was doing her neighbor, Professor Henry Louis Gates, a favor.  She was hit with some flying pieces of metal as well that evening.  Published July 29 2009

  • Healthcare reform ignores malpractice lawsuits

    Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky talked about the high costs of health care today. Published July 27 2009

  • Video: Henry Gates 1996 diatribe on racism

    Hotairpundit.blogspot.com posted a 1996 video of Henry Louis Gates going off on what he calls "Racist White Institutions."  In the video he slams both Justice Clarence Thomas and then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich(R-Ga.)  Published July 27 2009

  • Gates may not really want to move on

    The Henry Louis Gates controversy with the Cambridge police is not the first time the Harvard professor has made racially based remarks.   Published July 24 2009

  • Audio: Sharpton niece wants repercussions for Cambridge snitch

    Where there is a race controversy there is Al Sharpton.  In this case, Rev. Sharpton's niece and radio sidekick, Brittany, has taken the Henry Louis Gates-Sgt.James Crowley controversy to another level. Published July 24 2009

  • Who really acted 'stupidly'?

    President Barack Obama capped off a press conference on health care last night by answering a question about the arrest of Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates, but as with his answers on health care, the president glossed over the facts. Published July 23 2009

  • Obama's blame game fact check

    President Obama glazed over some facts tonight at his press conference.  A minor point concerning the president's tendency to blame the Republican party for the country's current circumstances was reported by the Associated Press.   Published July 22 2009

  • Cornyn puts regulatory czar wannabe sunstein on hold

    Cass Sunstein, President Obama's nominee for "regulatory czar," looked like he would sail through a confirmation process, but Fox News is reporting Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn has put a "hold" on Mr. Sunstein's confirmation. Published July 21 2009

  • Video - Rep. Russ Carnahan jeered on healthcare reform

    During a healthcare forum on Monday, Congressman Russ Carnahan, (D- MO.), was mocked by an audience member who asked, "If it's so good why doesn't Congress have to be on it?" Published July 21 2009

  • Advice columnist sides with college over gay roommate assignment

    Syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson sided with an un-named college today that told an incoming Freshman he must room with a gay roommate despite his objections Published July 20 2009

  • Obama's gaffe on healthcare

    Perhaps President Obama is staying up late working on the much criticized health care reform plans in congress.  According to  Politico, he gaffed it up on Monday at the Childrens National Medical Center in Washington. Published July 20 2009

  • Did Obama move deadline for healthcare passage?

    CBS Marketwatch is reporting that President Obama is apparently moving his deadline for Congress to pass health-care reform legislation. Published July 20 2009

  • Democratic senators vote against First Amendment rights

    The Senate approved a federal hate crimes measure on Thursday by voice vote after a 63 to 28 procedural vote was needed to allow it on to the defense authorization bill. Published July 17 2009

  • Video: Sen. Bernie Sanders, healthcare tax hike champ

    Senator Bernie Sanders, (I-Vt.), defended the Democrats' health care plan today on the Fox News Channel's America's News Room. Published July 17 2009

  • Video: Man attends L.A. City Council meeting in KKK robe

    KTLA News reported yesterday that a Los Angeles City Council meeting was interrupted by an individual who walked in wearing a Ku Klux Klans robe and hood. Published July 17 2009