The Washington Times - August 22, 2011, 04:11PM

Reports are that as many as 1,000 people purchased a ticket for the Goodman vs. Drew summer league showdown at Trinity University Saturday night, and were turned away at the door.

As I pulled up to the gate, before I could even present my press ID, I was asked if i already had a ticket.


People who didn’t have tickets were apparently prevented from even getting past the front gate. I arrived at around 4pm for a 6:30 tip off, and as I walked to the front entrance of the Trinity Center, there was already a line of people that stretched from the door to the parking lot. 

Lets start with the ticket issue.

According to Goodman League Commissioner Miles Rawls, he did not oversell the event. I spoke with Rawls on Monday, and he said the problem was that a large number of counterfeit tickets were printed.

Perhaps the security at the door was not aware that this might be a problem, and didn’t check the tickets closely enough to make sure they could tell a fake ticket form a real one. Or perhaps the fakes were just that good. It’s hard to know after the fact.

In any case, Rawls will do everything he can to make sure than anyone who purchased a legitimate ticket to the game and didn’t get in gets a full refund.

Mac Williams, who handles Facebook and Twitter and the Goodman League website, will be posting an official apology from Rawls, as well as a detailed refund policy sometime on Monday.

The site is

Next, the venue.

Rawls told me he was very pleased and grateful that Trinity stepped up and was so excited to host the game when things didn’t work out with Coolidge, but Coolidge was Rawls’ first choice to host the game.

“I knew I needed an arena that would hold at least 3,000 people, and Coolidge is the biggest high school gym in the area,” Rawls said. Rawls also wanted the money for the game to go to a local high school, where he believes the money is needed more so than at a college.

According to Rawls, he was in negotiations with Coolidge, but about a week before the game, he was informed that the principal was having second thoughts, and backed out. Rawls also said that he spoke with Coolidge’s Athletic Director after the game, who expressed disappointment that the game was not held at Coolidge.

This information is from Rawls; there has been no official word from Coolidge on exactly what went wrong.

“At that point, I just needed to find a gym,” Rawls said. Georgetown’s McDonough Arena was unavailable, due to a prior scheduled event. He also spoke with officials at American and UDC.

“It was hard to get anyone to make a commitment to host the game, until Trinity stepped in and made it clear they would love to host the game. There was no hesitation on their part at all, so we went with Trinity,” Rawls said.

Rawls’ reputation is important to him, and he really wants to get this ticket thing straightened out. There will be more games like this in the future, if Rawls, and Drew League Commissioner Dino Smiley have anything to say about it.

Now that they see where the kinks are, Rawls and Smiley can fix them before the Goodman vs. Drew League rematch.