The Washington Times - April 21, 2012, 06:32PM

MIAMI – A couple of hours before the Wizards face the Miami Heat on Saturday night at American Airlines Arena, Mo Evans came out of the Wizards treatment area and took a seat in front of his locker. Evans was wearing a heating pad on his back to stay loose before the game.

A vice president of the NBA players union, and member of the executive committee, Evans said he’s not tired of talking about the union turmoil just yet, he’s just sad that the timing of the union dissension is taking focus away from the exciting end of the regular season and the playoff races.


“We’re not going to engage in all this wordplay,” Evans said.

“We don’t want to shift the focus off the season. Even for Derek, being on a contenting team [the Oklahoma City Thunder], we don’t want to contribute to being a distraction. Oklahoma City’s having a phenomenal year, the Miami Heat is having a phenomenal year.”

“This season, the parity, it’s interesting to watch. We really want to enjoy the season ourselves. That’s my last thought to contribute to this [union situation].”

“I circle back with all the executive committee members. Everyone is on the same page with this. We’ve said our peace. However Derek wants to proceed from here…he knows our sentiments. I guess this will just play our either now or in the summer, but hopefully in the summer, after the season or before that if he decides to resign and make this easier for everybody.”

“The ball is in Derek’s court now.”