The Washington Times - April 26, 2012, 07:50PM

Now that Ernie Grunfeld has been given a contract extension, all eyes are on Wizards coach Randy Wittman, and whether of not he’ll be staying next season. Shortly before the Wizards played their final game of the season against the Miami Heat at Verizon Center, Wittman addressed the issue. 

“I’m not worried about that,” Wittman said.


“I’ve been in this business long enough not to…I’ve got a lot of gray hair from worrying early in my career whether I’m going to have a job or not. Like I’ve said, it’s been a difficult situation that we went through this year, anytime something like that happens [the coaching change].”

“I came in here and tried to do my best and tried to put these guys, these players with their abilities in the best position I thought I could put them in to be the players that they could be. That’s all you do as a coach, you try to do your best, you prepare your team, you try to make hem better and those things usually take care of themselves.”

Wittman was then asked if he’d be disappointed if he were not retained for next season.

“Let me tell you something, I’m not an idiot,” Wittman said, an amused tone to his voice.

“Anytime you lose a job you’re disappointed. So, yeah. I think anybody does not want to lose a job or have to look elsewhere for a job. But, I can’t worry about it. I get judged by out there,” Wittman said, pointing to the court.

“Whether it’s fair or not, that’s where a coach gets judged, and that’s all I have to worry about, make sure the team I put out there is ready to play.”

Stay tuned.