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Kings coach talks about John Wall's game

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As the Wizards got ready to host the Sacramento Kings, coach Keith Smart shared a few thoughts on Wizards point guard John Wall. 

“His speed. He has a tremendous amount of speed,” Smart cited as Wall’s greatest asset.

“There was a time last year when you can force him one way or the other, but now, his numbers are very even on both hands.  It’s going to be a tough cover for us because he can get into the paint and make plays out of transition also.  

“His jump shot is coming along much better also, it’s developing. Right away, a guy comes from college, and he’s a point guard because he can handle the ball, but he’s not a point guard in his decision-making yet, because he hasn’t learned the ins and outs of what a point guard needs to know.”  

“He’s starting to figure both things out a little bit now and he’s going to continue to grow.”

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