The Washington Times - February 24, 2012, 05:32PM

ORLANDO, Fla. – To start, the weather is a spectacular 83 degrees, with just a hint of a breeze. Like I said, spectacular. 

One of the best reporters on the scene, or I should say the most effective, is a young kid about 12 years old, who I was told works for Sports Illustrated for kids. The players are very relaxed in front of him, and are less guarded with their answers. The kid seems to be a big hit.  


Kobe Bryant was a no show for Media Day. No surprise there. The horde of media members gathered around his table waited for about 20 minutes before someone from the league broke the news, and ended the futile wait. If memory serves, didn’t Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan pull that every All-Star Weekend? Rumor was they just asked what the fine was for skipping Media Day in advance, paid it, and went to play golf. 

For the sake of everyone trying to maintain their sanity, can we please retire the following questions from Media Day: If you were a superhero…If you were an animal…If you were a food..If you were a tree… Enough people.

Deron Williams showed remarkable restraint from people who kept wanting to know if he and Dwight Howard were planning to team up and play for…Name That Team. After what must have been the 10th question, Williams finally said “Dwight who?” He kept his sense of humor, and handled himself quite well. 

Also showing restraint, but mild annoyance, was Russell Westbrook, when asked specifics about his game, and if he was going to be forced to become a smarter player. “I think I’m a smarter player now,” Westbrook said, and rolled his eyes. 

Chris Paul tried to work with a reporter who wanted a few words in Spanish. Paul said he spoke a little Spanish, and said a few words. Then the reporter gave him a few sentences to translate. “See, now you’re getting too complicated,” Paul said. 

And the fun is just beginning.