The Washington Times - January 19, 2012, 05:03PM

Yes, the Wizards shocked the world by beating the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night, and a few observations came to mind.

One, Nick Young actually played some defense on Kevin Durant, passed up a couple of open shots, and maybe, just maybe, is ready to embrace the idea that becoming a more multi-dimensional player might be just be the thing to get him that $9 million multi-year deal he’s looking for at the end of this season. More on Young in Friday’s print edition. 


Young can be goofy, but he’s good natured. But he has to become more disciplined.

Two, amidst all the celebrating over the improbable win, it was John Wall who seemed to realize before anyone that the team is still 2-12. 

“It is great; all we can do is get ready for practice tomorrow. We need to get ready for a tough Denver Nuggets team who is going to push the ball up and down the court,” Wall said Wednesday after the game. 

He celebrates a special win for a few minutes, and then his mind is already on the Wizards next opponent, the Denver Nuggets, who come to Verizon Center Friday night. 

Sounds pretty grounded and focused, this young man.   

Three, it was impossible not to notice that moments after the Wizards defeated the Thunder, the players all smiled and congratulated one another, except for JaVale McGee, who stoically exited the court the minute the buzzer sounded. 

Perhaps he’s still stewing over the criticism he got from his showboating dunk in Monday’s loss to Houston, but it was hardly a display of team unity from McGee. 

Four, a source close to Andray Blatche says his right shoulder injury is causing him quite a bit of pain, but he wants to play through it.

When he took credit for a three pointer during the game that he said helped start the Wizards comeback, and said he wanted to pat himself on the back, or the shoulder, he was attempting to poke a little fun at his ailing right shoulder, because actually patting the shoulder would hurt. 

Now, for new business. The Denver Nuggets will arrive at Verizon Center on Friday night sporting a 10-5 record, having just beaten the Wizards nemesis, the Philadelphia 76ers, 108-104 in overtime. They’ll be looking to make quick work of the Wizards, as they’ll be on the first game of a back-to-back, and have to face the Knicks on Saturday. 

It’s time to see if what they learned from the Thunder game will actually carry over this time.